Avernus Interior

Basalt Tower POI

Pretty basic, there’s an elevator, we need to use it.

Zaviak’s Vision Quest – This time our Spectacles of Spectacle are able to pull in a glabrezu, Xhost, who immediately turns hostile. Shouldn’t we have learned not to mess with these glasses by now? Lay the beat down on thick and Xhost will relent.

  • Speak with the demon.
    • The demon is surprisingly pleased to find itself out of the Abyss and in Avernus, the realm of its hated rival, home of devils. He gifts us a blade that seems too good to be true…(Gift of the Demon +5).
  • Kill the demon (12000 xp).

The blade has five charges. Once a charge is expended (on hit), the blade becomes Gift of the Demon +4, +3, +2, and finally, +1 where it is simply a Long Sword +1 with a cooler green animation. Like other cursed items, it may only be removed with a Remove Curse spell.



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