Avernus Elevator

Avernus Elevator

The elevator slowly rises upward to the roof of the basalt tower. Our companions kill time between killing fiends by reflecting on our journey.

  • Minsc: My toes are hungry. They need more evil butts to kick!
  • Dynaheir: I hope thou art not delivering us unto our doom…
  • Glint: Are we there yet? Come on, COME ON…Cloakshadow’s cloak’s shadow…I am SO BORED…
  • Jaheira: Soon we will see an end to all this.
  • Khalid: I almost d-don’t want this ride to end. B-because I don’t see it ending w-w-well.


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  1. Hi. What’s your difficult mode? I cant kill Belhifet in insane difficult. I kill him in difficult normal.
    Thank u

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