The Siege of Dragonspear Castle

The party receives 20000 quest xp upon arriving to Dragonspear Castle.

We FINALLY arrive back at Dragonspear Castle as Caelar’s Crusade retreats to within. The entrance to the castle is warder by a powerful magical barrier. Torsin de Lancie will ask us how we fared on our mission underneath the castle.

Edwin notes that his former traveling companion Ahdzekharrin, another Red Wizard of Thay has prepared the incantation blocking our entrance to the castle. If we placed the Barrel of Bwoosh! in the Underground River, we can detonate it to gain entrance.

  • If we poisoned the crusader supplies, we’ll face a weakened enemy.
  • If we placed the Barrel of Bwoosh! we can destroy the magical barrier.
  • If we DID NOT place the Barrel of Bwoosh! we must find a new way inside.
    • Travel east and help Phossey Dugdeep, Lugg, and Almur clear out the enemy archers so she can blow a hole in the castle exterior.

Gnarg Big-Bug and some orcs meet us when coming through the new door we made.

  • Gnarg Big-Bug (3000 xp, Two-Handed Sword +2).

Important Events – If we enter the eastern part of the courtyard we can free the trolls to wreak vengeance on the crusaders.

The Outer Courtyard – Depending on the decisions we’ve made up to this point will determine the composition of the army we meet at the Siege of Dragonspear.

  • The Barghest (3000 xp, Chill Axe +2)
  • Beno Famari (650 xp)
  • Commander Dreon (1400 xp, Throwing Axe +2)
  • Corinth (420 xp, Corinth’s Bow +2)
  • Crusader Nan (420 xp)
  • Crusader Pedro (420 xp)
  • Damarr (650 xp)
  • Delton (950 xp)
  • Deneld (2000 xp, Ring of the Crusade, Second Stone Fragment).
  • Held Moran (420 xp)
  • Kharm (1400, Halberd +2, Helm of Charm Protection)
  • Leopas (1400 xp)
  • Malden Col (-)
  • Oloneiros (5000 xp, Staff Spear +2, Asp’s Nest +1 x40)
  • Ravoc (650 xp)
  • Recruit Qing (420 xp)
  • Recruit Kjarvan (420 xp)
  • Sallo (1400)
  • Sindret (2000 xp)
  • Tristian (2000 xp)
  • Valis (420 xp)
  • Zare (240 xp)

Adras Ashatiel – She and her party teleport in as we make our way through the outer courtyard. She challenges CHARNAME to a 1 v 1 battle (no funny stuff).

  • Accept…
    • Ashatiel (5000 xp, Bracers of Defense AC 5, Golden Girdle, Mace +2, Ring of Free Action, Small Shield +2)
      • “Know that I bear you no ill will.”
      • “You must die for the greater good.”
      • “Caelar’s light shines upon me, and it will strike you down!”
      • “You fight well. But this is a battle you cannot win.”
      • “Caelar, I beg you, give me the strength to strike this heretic down!”
      • “Curse you, why won’t you fall?”
      • “No! I stand in the light! I cannot be defeated!”
    • Crusaders retreat.
  • Decline…more MAAAAYYHEM!!!
    • Ashatiel will retreat to the west (5000 xp, Bracers of Defense AC 5, Golden Girdle, Mace +2, Ring of Free Action, Small Shield +2)
    • Balvin Steadyhand (2000 xp)
    • Marius of Tethyr (2000 xp)
    • Sarginson (3000 xp)
    • Small Kimble (3000 xp)
    • Wormgums (2000 xp)
    • Zoe Kryn (2000 xp

Important Events – The Crusade is on the run. With Ashatiel out of the way, we can advance on Dragonspear Castle.

In the Northwestern area are a party of crusaders who have no intentions of running…

  • Alexandria (4000 xp, Wand of the Heavens)
  • Axe Poet (3000 xp, Battle Axe +2)
  • Bluebeard (3000 xp, Heavy Crossbow +2)
  • Chloe (5000 xp, Dagger +2)
  • Dram (4000 xp)
  • Thasz (3000 xp, Long Sword +2)

The Coalition (Don’t look at me like that! I know you were curious too *snicker*…)

  • Almur (420 xp)
  • Clovis (420 xp)
  • Dahk Hensleigh (8000 xp, Sling +2, Robe of the Neutral Archmagi,  Staff Spear +2)
  • Danine (420 xp)
  • Dosia (1400 xp)
  • General Stonehand (4000 xp, Battle Axe +2, Throwing Axe +2)
  • Hester (975 xp)
  • Helvdar (420 xp)
  • Lugg (420 xp)
  • Marshal Nederlok (Warhammer +2)
  • Mizhena (2000 xp, Morning Star +2, Wand of the Heavens)
  • Morlis (420 xp)
  • Murs (2000 xp, Morning Star +2)
  • Phossey Dugdeep (975 xp)
  • Slug (6000 xp)
  • Vigilant Halasan (1400 xp, Medium Shield +2)

As we come to the gate to the inner courtyard we are met by Caelar. She and CHARNAME say their piece. Torsin de Lancie will tell us Caelar and her forces are trapped inside the castle and it is time to finish the job. Continue on once you have sufficiently looted the battlefield.



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