Allied Siege Camp

Allied Siege Camp.png

Glint Gardnersonson – We’ve found all relatives we can and there’s no time to look for more, he’ll have to be content with that.

On The Fence – This quest line is now closed as we’ve turned in (or not) our items to Waizahb.

Of course the whole Barrel of Bwoosh! was a horrible idea and now we need to hold off the crusade long enough for Andrus to stabilize the camp’s barrels.

Based on the events at the Dwarven Dig Site, we receive an extra team to utilize in the siege event (…or I assume, no added troops if we skip that area altogether).

  • The Debt of Coldhearth Lich – Coldhearth has sent undead to help us fight the crusade (-1 Reputation).
  • The Dwarves of Dumathoin – The dwarves of Dumathoin are here to assist the coalition (+1 Reputation).

The Crusade attacks from one of three paths: West, Central, or East. We have specialty forces and we can choose one to aid us for each wave of crusader attacks.

  • Auziel & the Rogues
  • Garrus, Taield & the Archers
  • Mordaus & the Warmages
  • Stysich & the Wizard Slayers
  • Coldhearth’s undead OR the dwarves of Dumathoin

Depending on the type of enemy we face during each wave, the unit leaders above may tell us we’d fare better choosing another unit (i.e. Auziel & the rogues are not keen on facing the trolls). We can overrule their input or pick another unit.

Dosia – She offers to provide healing or rejuvenation (rest & restore spells) services.

The Battle at the Coalition Camp:

  • Ogres and trolls led by the ogre Yorok (2000 xp, 420 xp, Cornugon’s Revenge +2).
  • Mages led by Cuvieronius (420 xp, Robe of the Good Archmagi, Asp’s Nest +1 x20).
  • Foot soldiers led by Rhayla (420 xp, Elven Chain +1, Long Sword +2)

The Camp’s Final Battle:

  • Grimgor (5000 xp, Flail +2, Full Plate Mail +1).
  • Turalynn (975 xp).
  • Bird-Dog (975 xp).
  • Orleth Blackfinger (2000 xp).
  • Lannac (975 xp).
  • Kegleg (975 xp).
  • Piercer of Boils (2000 xp).
  • Swift Rabbit (975 xp).

My Missed FortuneOphyllis had our money, managed to lose it (again), and this time he lost his life. He gives us the sword, still implanted in his chest, to amend for his failures (Ophyllis’s Short Sword +2).

Speak with Marshal Nederlok at the camp’s entrance, then head to Dragonspear Castle.

Chapter Ten Intro



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