Dragonspear Castle Exterior

Dragonspear Castle Exerior POI

Entering Dragonspear Castle – We can explore the Dragonspear Castle’s courtyard as long as we are cautious.

  • Present Seal of Caelar.
  • Bluff our way in (Editors note: I was able to do this with my bard, but not my fighter/cleric).
    • Without the Seal of Caelar, we are unable to gain entrance to the courtyard.

The Trial – Valis has accused Corinth of betrayal against the Shining Lady.

  • We can interject and offer to speak with other crusaders to find out the truth
    • Speak with RavocDelton, and Damarr
      • Damarr has little doubt of Corinth’s guilt, but believes any punishment would outweigh the crime.
      • Delton is insistent that Corinth is innocent.
      • Ravoc thinks Corinth is a coward and wouldn’t have the guts to betray the crusade.
  • Speak with Valis and Corinth individually.
    • Corinth is reluctant to speak to us.
    • Valis is convinced of Corinth’s guilt but has no evidence.
  • Recommend a trial by combat.

Inform Leopas of our judgment.

  • Say there’s not enough evidence against CorinthLeopas thanks you for wasting his time.
    • Speak with Corinth (Corinth’s Bow +2).
  • Judge that Corinth is innocent, Valis dies (4000 xp).
  • Judge that Corinth is guilty, he dies (4000 xp, Corinth’s Bow +2).
  • Judge them both guilty, they die (4000 xp, Corinth’s Bow +2).

On the Fence – As I find the items on my list I should bring them to Waizahb in camp.

  • Tristian is on the eastern edge of the courtyard.
    • Ask if the Lady of Strategy is the Red Knight.
      • Wager 200 gold, best him in a game of Coroniir (Tristian’s Holy Symbol).
        • CHARNAME and Edwin from my party were options to play against Tristian.
    • Ask if he knows a vigilant of Waterdeep named Halasan.
      • Say she’s in the enemy camp OR, “so you do know her.”
      • We can ask what will happen if they meet in battle.
    • Say she’s at our camp to the south.
      • Everyone turns hostile.
    • Kill him (2000 xp, Tristian’s Holy Symbol, Long Sword +2).
      • Camp turns hostile.
    • Just west of Commander Dreon is a box containing a Battle Standard.
      • Behind the tent Tristian is standing in front of are is a Crusader Uniform. Equip it and speak with Dreon.
        • Tell him you have a number of reports which require his seal.
          • Offer to borrow his ring to sign the reports (Dreon’s Signet Ring).
      • Kill him (1400 xp, Dreon’s Signet Ring, Throwing Axe +2)
        • Camp turns hostile.
    • We can pickpocket crusader recruits until we find a Token of Faith.
    • The crusader map is just laying on the ground because that’s where you put your important maps. Unfortunately for us, there’s a loan crusader guarding the map.
      • Say we’re stealing it, everyone turns hostile.
      • Use invisibility or stealth to steal the map. (Editor’s Note: Thanks, IVAN!)
      • Charm the crusader next to the map.
        • Snag the Annotated Map.

Return to Waizahb with the five items.

Morning Report – Crusaders Nan and Pedro want us to help their friend, Sallo, who is passed out drunk. I need to get some wine and a report from Deneld and then bring both items to Commander Dreon (this also requires us to wear the Crusader Uniform).

  • Fill up the Empty Wineskin with the three barrels directly behind Nan and Pedro (Full Wineskin).
  • Speak with Deneld and tell him Commander Dreon sent us for the Morning Report.
    • Choose any other option and he won’t give you the report.
      • Speak with Deneld again, pick and option and receive the Morning Report.

Report to Dreon with the Morning Report and Full Wineskin, then speak with Nan & Pedro again (6000 xp, two potions).

Foehammer’s Blessing – Recruits Kjarvan and Qing are hoping to restore a stone icon and receive a blessing from Tempus. I should look for icon fragments in the rubble to the north, or talk to Morale Officer Deneld.

  • Doubt Caelar and the two turn hostile (420 xp each).
  • Offer to help find the missing fragments.
    • The First Stone Fragment is in the rubble west of Tristian.
    • Deneld has the Second Stone Fragment.
      • We need to find a priest of Tempus to bless the tablets. Mizhena back at the Coalition Camp will do the trick (Sanctified Shards).

Return to Kjarvan and Qing with the Sanctified Shards.

  • Tell them they were blessed at the camp to the south and they turn hostile.
    • Kjarvan (420 xp).
    • Qing (420 xp).
  • Tell them anything else and then place the Sanctified on the stone icon behind Kjarvan and Qing.
    • Accept the Voice of the Icon’s challenge and defeat the Sentry of Tempus (5000 xp + 6000 xp, The Bloodied Guardian +2).
    • I don’t want to be tested (6000 xp).

Understanding the Crusade – Deneld wants us speak with crusaders around the camp to learn more about the crusade.

  • Speak with Sindret.
  • Speak with Zare, next to Dreon.
  • Speak with Tristian. 
  • Speak with Ravoc. 

Troll Breakout – I need to find the Troll Shackles somewhere in the camp for Sindret. She is a servant of Shevarash, a drow hunterShe will not talk to us if we have Baeloth or Viconia in our party and may even turn the camp hostile against us.

  • The Troll Shackles are in a box just south of Dreon.
    • Sindret wants us to shackle the troll.
      • Find a non-violent option (4000 xp, five potions).
      • Force Sindret to shackle the troll (4000 xp).
      • Violently shackle the troll (4000 xp, four potions).

Skie’s Gone Missing – Skie can be found outside the southern wall of Dragonspear castle. We rescue her from some crusaders. We should report back to Marshal Nederlok that she is safe.

Chapter Ten Intro



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  1. Markus

    Judge that Corinth is innocent, Valis dies (4000 xp)
    Death of Valis makes 1 minor bottle of healing,
    speaking to the Corinth (after Valis is dead) he gives away his bow.

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