Dragonspear Castle Exterior


Dragonspear Castle Exerior POI

Entering Dragonspear Castle – We can explore the Dragonspear Castle’s courtyard as long as we are cautious.

  • Present Seal of Caelar.
  • Bluff our way in (Editors note: I was able to do this with my bard, but not my fighter/cleric).
    • Without the Seal of Caelar, we are unable to gain entrance to the courtyard.

The Trial – Valis has accused Corinth of betrayal against the Shining Lady.

  • We can interject and offer to speak with other crusaders to find out the truth
    • Speak with RavocDelton, and Damarr
      • Damarr has little doubt of Corinth’s guilt, but believes any punishment would outweigh the crime.
      • Delton is insistent that Corinth is innocent.
      • Ravoc thinks Corinth is a coward and wouldn’t have the guts to betray the crusade.
  • Speak with Valis and Corinth individually.
    • Corinth is reluctant to speak to us.
    • Valis is convinced of Corinth’s guilt, but has no evidence.
  • Recommend a trial by combat.
    • If Corinth dies (Corinth’s Bow +2).
    • If Valis dies, that’s pretty much it…

Inform Leopas of our judgement.

  • Say there’s not enough evidence against CorinthLeopas thanks you for wasting his time.
    • Speak with Corinth (Corinth’s Bow +2).
  • Judge that Corinth is innocent, Valis dies (4000 xp).
    • Speak with Corinth and he gifts us his bow (Corinth’s Bow +2)
  • Judge that Corinth is guilty, he dies (4000 xp, Corinth’s Bow +2).
  • Judge them both guilty, they die (4000 xp, Corinth’s Bow +2).

Corinth's Bow +2.png

On the Fence – As I find the items on my list I should bring them to Waizahb in camp.

  • Tristian is on the eastern edge of the court yard.
    • Ask if the Lady of Strategy is the Red Knight.
      • Wager 200 gold, best him in a game of Coroniir (Tristian’s Holy Symbol).
        • CHARNAME and Edwin from my party were options to play against Tristian.
    • Ask if he knows a vigilant of Waterdeep named Halasan.
      • Say she’s in the enemy camp OR, “so you do know her.”
      • We can ask what will happen if they meet in battle.
    • Say she’s at our camp to the south.
      • Everyone turns hostile.
    • Kill him (2000 xp, Tristian’s Holy Symbol, Long Sword +2).
      • Camp turns hostile.
    • Just west of Commander Dreon is a box containing a Battle Standard.
      • Behind the tent Tristian is standing in front of are is a Crusader Uniform. Equip it and speak with Dreon.
        • Tell him you have a number of reports which require his seal.
          • Offer to borrow his ring to sign the reports (Dreon’s Signet Ring).
      • Kill him (1400 xp, Dreon’s Signet Ring, Throwing Axe +2)
        • Camp turns hostile.
    • We can pickpocket crusader recruits until we find a Token of Faith.
    • The crusader map is just laying on the ground, because that’s where you put your important maps. Unfortunately for us, there’s a loan crusader guarding the  map.
      • Say we’re stealing it, everyone turns hostile.
      • Charm the crusader next to the map.
        • Snag the Annotated Map.

Return to Waizahb with the five items.

Morning Report – Crusaders Nan and Pedro want us to help their friend, Sallo, who is passed out drunk. I need to get some wine and a report from Deneld and then bring both items to Commander Dreon (this also requires us to wear the Crusader Uniform).

  • Fill up the Empty Wineskin with the three barrels directly behind Nan and Pedro (Full Wineskin).
  • Speak with Deneld and tell him Commander Dreon sent us for the Morning Report.
    • Choose any other option and he won’t give you the report.
      • Speak with Deneld again, pick and option and receive the Morning Report.

Report to Dreon with the Morning Report and Full Wineskin, then speak with Nan & Pedro again (6000 xp, two potions).

Foehammer’s Blessing – Recruits Kjarvan and Qing are hoping to restore a stone icon and receive a blessing from Tempus. I should look for icon fragments in the rubble to the north, or talk to Morale Officer Deneld.

  • Doubt Caelar and the two turn hostile (420 xp each).
  • Offer to help find the missing fragments.
    • The First Stone Fragment is in the rubble west of Tristian.
    • Deneld has the Second Stone Fragment.
      • We need to find a priest of Tempus to bless the tablets. Mizhena back at the Coalition Camp will do the trick (Sanctified Shards).

Return to Kjarvan and Qing with the Sanctified Shards.

  • Tell them they were blessed at the camp to the south and they turn hostile.
    • Kjarvan (420 xp).
    • Qing (420 xp).
  • Tell them anything else and then place the Sanctified on the stone icon behind Kjarvan and Qing.
    • Accept the Voice of the Icon’s challenge and defeat the Sentry of Tempus (5000 xp + 6000 xp, The Bloodied Guardian +2).
    • I don’t want to be tested (6000 xp).

The Bloodied Guardian +2.png

Understanding the Crusade – Deneld wants us speak with crusaders around the camp to learn more about the crusade.

  • Speak with Sindret.
  • Speak with Zare, next to Dreon.
  • Speak with Tristian. 
  • Speak with Ravoc. 
    • Return and answer Deneld’s questions correctly (2000 xp, Ring of the Crusade).

Ring of the Crusade.png


Troll Breakout – I need to find the Troll Shackles somewhere in the camp for Sindret. She is a servant of Shevarash, a drow hunterShe will not talk to us if we have Baeloth or Viconia in our party and may even turn the camp hostile against us.

  • The Troll Shackles are in a box just south of Dreon.
    • Sindret wants us to shackle the troll.
      • Find a non-violent option (4000 xp, five potions).
      • Force Sindret to shackle the troll (4000 xp).
      • Violently shackle the troll (4000 xp, four potions).

Skie’s Gone Missing – Skie can be found outside the southern wall of Dragonspear castle. We rescue her from some crusaders. We should report back to Marshal Nederlok that she is safe.





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  1. Judge that Corinth is innocent, Valis dies (4000 xp)
    Death of Valis makes 1 minor bottle of healing,
    speaking to the Corinth (after Valis is dead) he gives away his bow.

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  2. you can turn invisible and get the map


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