Dragonspear Castle Basement

Dragonspear Castle Basement POI.png

Once lifted up into the basement of Dragonspear Castle we’re confronted by a guard, Belben (1400 xp).

Bjarn Littleclub, a troll, is hiding out in the basement storeroom.

  • Let him go.
  • Scare him off.
  • Kill him (1400 xp).

Important Events – In the storeroom where we found Bjarn, we can poison the food supply with Torsin de Lancie’s potion. Across the hallway in the storage room are the water supplies.

  • [*Villain] Food supply poisoned (4000 quest xp).
  • [*Villain] Water supply poisoned (4000 quest xp).

After poisoning the supplies we are confronted by a crusader sergeant and some guards. Shortly afterward Hephernaan along with two other mages, Olvenaun and Esserin, appear. It seems Hephernaan is searching for some divine blood…

  • Esserin (2000 xp)
  • Olvenaun (2000 xp)
  • Hephernaan, once brought to near death, will escape and reinforcements will attack us. Loot the chests in Hephernaan’s chambers (Crown of Lies, Robe of Netheril).

Editor’s note: *Poisoning either the food or water will have an impact on SoD’s epilogue.

Alternatively, prior to poisoning the supplies, we can sneak up on Hephernaan in his chambers and hear him communicating with, “some dark creature.” The Voice(should be recognizable by Baldur’s Gate and specifically Icewind Dale fans).

At present, I do not possess a way to open the large stone gate outside of Hephernaan’s chambers.

Find Daeros – He is bound in the back of Hephernaan’s chamber. Here we learn how Hephernaan and Caelar plan to open a gate to the Nine Hells.

  • Free Daeros (18000 xp)
    • Editor’s Note: During my good-aligned, high reputation play through, Daeros mentions something of value underneath the Dragonspear mosaic in the main hall (Daeros’s Full Plate +1).
  • Or not…

We must flee back to the Coalition Camp.

Chapter Ten Intro



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