The Warrens

The Warrens POI.png
The Warrens

The Dungeon Slug – I need to find a way to free Slug. We can interact with the cage cells, freeing the ogres. Slug will tell us of a hidden ogre cache (Just behind Bellowgulp and The Concoctor) in the Underground River.

  • Free the ogres, Slug tells us to meet up with Murs.
  • Kill the ogres!!!
    • Slug (6000 xp).
    • Ogre (2000 xp each).

Einer & Betror – Two ogres who control the lift going up to Dragonspear Castle.

  • Show them the Seal of Caelar.
  • Trick them.
  • Murder them and equip Einer’s gloves to use the lift.

Gloves of Gripping

When we return from the Dragonspear Castle Basement, the two ogres question what all the noise was about.

  • Just a disagreement, off we go (low rep)…or mayhem (high rep)!
  • Deny any fight, mayhem ensues (low rep)…or not (high rep).
  • Bring the mayhem!

Glint Gardnersonson – Another one of Glint’s relatives, Rhonda Swiftfootsdottir, has been taken captive as a seamstress to repair crusader clothing.

  • Without Glint in our party, we can tell Rhonda now would be a good time to escape (Nimblefinger Gloves).
  • With Glint in our party Rhonda will offer to help us with the ogres in charge of the lift to Dragonspear Castle Basement. This completes Glint’s quest to find his missing relatives, but we miss out on the Nimblefinger Gloves (unless we pickpocket them first 😉 ).

Chapter Ten Intro



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