When enter Kanaglym and cross the bridge, if we walk toward the ritual chamber we witness a pair of dark magicians converting sacrifices into the undead.

  • If we attempt to save the sacrifices, everyone turns hostile, epic mayhem ensues.
  • If we let the ritual play out, we witness the sacrifices one by one transformed into zombies.

Kanaglym POI

Ghost Dragon Guardian – If I kill Kherriun, I can free the ghost dragon. Damaging the mage will destroy the ghost jar freeing Halatathlaer, she will join the fray. Halatathlaer will be hostile if we aren’t quick.

  • Kherriun (5000 xp, Staff Mace +2, Robe of the Evil Arch Magi, Ring of Wizardry, Asp’s Nest +1 x40, Scroll of Chaos, Scroll of Greater Malison, Scroll of Animate Dead).

Battle of Kanaglym

Staff Mace +2

Ring of Wizardry

Once we are able to kill Kherriun, Halatathlaer warns us to, “beware the Exile.” Then she is off to the Fugue Plane (32000 xp).

The Cabal – With the help of Halatathlaer, I have defeated a cabal of dark magicians animating corpses beneath Dragonspear Castle (12000 xp).

Find Daeros – Halatathlaer beseeches us to watch for Daeros Dragonspear, though he must be long dead. She wants us to tell him Halatathaer awaits him on the Fugue Plane.

The Lost – Throw the remains we collected in the Ettin Ghost Cave into the Fugue Plane portal (6000 xp). If he’s in the party, Glint and Litla will share their final farewells.

Zaviak’s Vision Quest – We are able to pull Zhadroth the lich into our plane.

  • Liberate Zhadroth (Ring of Regeneration).
  • Refuse to allow him to escape (22000 xp, Ring of Regeneration, Robe of Arcane Aptitude).

Ring of Regeneration

Robe of Arcane Aptitude

When we attempt to leave Kanaglym, we are stopped by an Endless Watcher who is not pleased we decided to free Zhadroth and he will attack us.

  • If we freed Zhadroth, when the watcher is near death, the lich will appear and Maze the him (5500 xp). On the ground we find the Astral Crossbow +2.
  • If we tell the watcher we killed Zhadroth after freeing him the watcher will gift us the Astral Crossbow +2.
    • Editor’s Note: With my good aligned party, the Endless Watcher did not believe my claim and he attacks. I am unsure what the attribute check was that allowed the above result. 
  • If we don’t tell the watcher we killed the lich he turns hostile (9000 xp, Astral Crossbow +2).

Astral Crossbow +2

There is a chest that contains Hephernaan’s Ritual Notes. It appears he is trying to raise an army of undead.




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  1. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to stop the lich from leaving after using the goggles to reveal it. There’s no option to lie to the watch either. I’ve tried int and wisdom buffs, different party members doing the talking to each, etc.

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