Underground River Entrance

Underground River POI

The Myconid Tower – There is a dying myconid in the tower ruins. As we approach we find it in its final death throws. Once it perishes, there is a small area with 14 gold inside the ruins. A myconid elder shows up and we end up killing him and his friends (Myconid Bloom-Sac).

  • With Jaheira in the party, she is able to somewhat translate what the Myconids are thinking (6000 xp).
  • Glint suspects we’ve upset the mushroom man. He’s right (6000 xp).

Murs and the Brigands – The ogres appear to be arguing over who will become the next chief.

  • We can totally kill everyone!
    • Arbinge (1400 xp)
    • Cheski (1400 xp)
    • Murs (2000 xp, Morningstar +2)
  • Let Arbinge & Cheski duke it out to determine the next chief as we go elsewhere.
  • Fight and kill Arbinge & Cheski alone or fight them as Murs’ champion to become the next ogre chief.
    • Murs wants us to find her mate, Chief Slug, in the underground caverns.
      • Once we agree to help rescue Slug, we can request the ogres aid us in our battle against the Argent Crusade (unspecified xp).

The Dungeon Slug – If we decide to save Slug, return to the Ogre Bandit Camp and we will be rewarded (6000 xp, Ring of Fire Resistance).

Blind Albino Wyrmlings – I could try and find the source of the screams in the underground caverns.

The Lost – I should watch for ghosts in the underground caverns.

Assessing the Warrens – I need to find the access point to the underground caverns, north, and west of the Orge Bandit Camp.

Dark Druid Circle – Murs has warned me that dark druids claim the territory far to the west and south of the old ogre settlement.

Den of Thieves – Rhynwis was true to her word, the cache she mentioned is just east of the crusader camp. We just had to cull a handful of ankhegs to get to it (Harold +2, 527 gold, misc. gems).

Goblin Raiders [M’Khiin Grubdoubler]

Goblin raiders.png

We are taken by surprise by some raiders, Battuks & Raggemos, who want us to pay a toll to pass. If M’khiin is with us they will attempt to recruit/abduct her into their little gang and she will attack them with her summoned spirits.

  • Stand up for M’Khiin and allow her to make her own decision (12000 xp)
  • Tell M’Khiin to go with them, she’ll refuse (No additional xp)

If we did not bring the goblin along with us…

  • Pay the toll (-50 per person, 2000 xp)
  • [Str] Say we don’t want to fight and agree to go separate ways (2500 + 2000 xp)
  • Refuse, light, or threaten, they turn hostile
    • Battuks Softbelcher (420 xp)
    • Raggemos Ghostrant (420 xp)
    • Sab’n Drooldribbler (270 xp)
    • Sickly T’matta (120 xp)
  • Say we’re a member of the holy crusade:
    • [Cha] Present Caelar’s Seal (2500 + 2000 xp)
    • [Cha] Say we have a part in Caelar’s  plans (2500 + 2000 xp)
    • [Cha] Preparing to join (2500 + 2000 xp)
  • [Str] Bluff them (2000 or 2500 xp, depending on which bluff you manage)

The Good Druids – Jamven & Chorster want us to help defeat their enemy, the dark druid Ferrusk, who has been corrupting the local wildlife through the large oak tree. They want us to plant an Enchanted Seed at the base of the tree in the dark druid circle. They will also offer to help us get past the Crusader encampment gates.

Crusader Encampment – When we arrive at the gates, we run into a cyclops and several guards. It appears we’ll have to fight our way through. We need the Seal of Caelar to enter. If we agreed to help Jamven & Chorster, forest creatures aid us in the assault on the gate.

(Editor’s Note: This quest has only popped up with Minsc and Dynaheir in my party.)

The Wychlaran and the Berserker – Rigah and Julann are also on their dajemma, like Minsc and Dynaheir. Except, their personalities are the opposite of our friends from Rashemen.

When Rigah questions whether or not he is truly alone, tell him if he continues to blindly follow Julann, things will only get worse. We can either bolster or depress Rigah as he struggles to deal with Julann’s eccentricities.

  • Find evidence of the crusade’s corruption before they join.
    • In clearing Kanaglym, we find Hephernaan’s Ritual Notes. Show Julann the notes.
      • Plead with Rigah to intervene on our behalf (6000xp, +1 Reputation, Dragon Blade +3).
      • Ask Dynaheir to persuade Julann.
        • If we can’t convince them, they head to Dragonspear Castle (6000 xp)
        • Kill them (6000 xp, -1 Reputation).
          • Julann (4000 xp).
          • Rigah (2000 xp, Dragon Blade +3).
      • If you’re done with Julann’s nonsense, they head off to Dragonspear Castle (6000 xp).
  • Kill them so they cannot join the crusade.
    • Rigah (2000 xp, Dragon Blade +3, Potion of Fire Giant Strength)
    • Julann (4000 xp)

Chapter Ten Intro



6 thoughts on “Underground River Entrance

  1. Wise Grimwald

    For the Goblin Raiders, I agreed to stop as I wasn’t interested in a fight Told them that it wouldn’t be much of a fight would it? They let me past and I got 2000 experience.


  2. Renato

    Amazing guide!

    Just as a contribution, I found out you may pickpocket the cyclops to get a Seal of Caelar, so you can avoid the battle (yeah, you present him his own Seal hahahaha!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nicccce…I somehow managed to get lost in the holiday season and then re-subbed to WoW so I haven’t gotten back to this point in the game in a while. I will definitely make sure to add your contribution. Thanks for commenting!


  3. If Rigah is told to continue follow Julann, it might be impossible to convince her later, or at least 17 charisma wasn’t enough. He can help to kill her later as she turns hostile, then he give us Dragon Blade +3 and leave.

    Liked by 1 person

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