Dead Man’s Pass

Dead Man's Pass POI

Refugees – Where we enter the map, a group of fleeing refugees are being chased by wolves.

  • Save them (+1 Reputation, 112 gold).

Horst & Stalia – A couple displaced by the crusade, now selling trinkets on the roadside.

Helvdar’s Lucky Charm – In the NW of the map is a wandering cave bear (Fine Bearskin).

  • Return to Belegarm at the Coalition Camp with the Fine Bearskin.

Orog Chieftain – In the NE part of the map we come across a pack of Orog’s lead by their chieftain (250 xp, The Protector of the Unworthy, Two Handed Sword +1, King’s Tear).

Heart of the Mountain  – Northern edge of the map, a necklace found on a corpse.

Dead Man’s Cave – A lone corpse litters the entryway to this cave.

Dead Man's Cave

Hidden Loot – In the south portion of the map is tree hollow containing The Forest Queen’s Benediction.

The Forest Queen's Benediction

Nüber – Yes, there’s another Noober.

  • Talk to him until he gives up and goes home (1000 xp)
  • Kill him!(15 xp)
    • Kill ghostly Nüber! (15 xp)
      • Kill him a THIRD time! (250 xp)

Gnåler & Kåmbolder – In the southern part of the map a gnoll & kobold are questing for adventure.

Dead Mage – We find a dead mage just outside a ramshackle hut (Scroll of Mirror Image, Scroll of Sunfire, Wand of Paralyzation).

Raeanndra & the Elemental – We can safe this tiefling fighting a Greater Earth Elemental in the Elemental Plane of Earth by pulling her into our world.

  • Pull in Raeanndra first, she will reward us one (Ring of the Tiny Fiend).
    • Kill her before she walks away (2500 xp, Studded Leather +2, Ninjato +1, Wakizashi +1, 317 gold, several gems/potions).
    • Elemental will wander off.
  • Pull in the elemental and kill it (5500 xp).
    • Raeanndra will walk away.

Hidden Cellar – Near where we met Raeanndra and the elemental is a cellar covered with boards.

Hidden Cellar

Chapter Ten Intro



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