Bloodbark Grove

Bloodbark Grove POI.png

The Call of the Wild Mage – Another one of Neera’s components, Belladonna, can be found in these woods.

Lord Dushwick & Chalmers – It appears the lord has lost some of his belongings and wants us to get them back.

  • Say you’re after Caelar or threaten them. Dushwick will tell Chalmers to fight us. He refuses and wanders off, dropping his valuables (Minor loot).
  • Say you don’t have time for them and they both wander off.
  • Kill Dushwick (15 xp, -Reputation).
  • Kill Chalmers (15 xp, -Reputation).

Onoroth – A grumpy man who has a small stock of goods to trade. He can be found next to the broken foundation of an old home, its cellar door we can examine.

Corpses – A Shambling Mound stands over several corpses on the northeastern edge of the map (Clasp of Helm, Wand of Fear, Scroll of Summon Lesser Earth Elemental).

The Uncommon Cold – There is a strange ancient tree that has the bark Dosia wanted us to find in order to heal those sick back at the Coalition Camp (Blackthorn Bark Cure).

Hidden Cache – In one of the pillars where we confront the Skeletal Mage (Pearl x10, Star Sapphire).

Greater Basilisk – In the northern end of the map is a basilisk. Onoroth carries a Potion of Mirrored Eyes to protect our front-liner during the encounter. When defeated the basilisk drops a Basilisk Claw. 

Chapter Ten Intro



2 thoughts on “Bloodbark Grove

  1. TZC

    Have you noticed the well on the far southeast of this area? It seemed like there was something to do there, but I never found really what (if anything).

    Btw, thank you for this amazing walkthrough. Really helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have noticed it. I can’t tell you if there’s anything magical about it, but I’m diving deep on my current play through and will eventually scout it out again.

      Thanks for the comment, glad you are enjoying!


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