Canyon Ambush

Canyon Ambush
The air is stale and heavy. It’s as if all the energy and power have been drained from the area. It seems unlikely magic will function here.

Upon leaving the Coalition Camp we are waylaid in a canyon that negates our magical spell casting. This anti-magic field is problematic my sorcerer and she is less than thrilled to be here. Potions and quick items (scrolls, wands, Stone Ally, etc.) will all work.

Shadowy Figure
An assassination attempt, how quaint…

Shadowy Figure

The battle seems straightforward until a Shadowy Figure reveals himself with a vicious backstab using a short sword which causes a bleed effect and drains the target’s Strength. The Shadowdancer will immediately return to stealth using a potion. This adversary appears to only be testing our abilities and will retreat shortly after the battle begins. If we can manage to nuke the Shadowy Figure quickly enough we can get our hands on that sword (3500 xp, Shadow Armor +3, Vexation +2Letter).

Run away!
Who is the Shadowy Figure

letter shadowy figure.png

Chapter Ten Intro



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