Coalition Camp

Upon entering the Coalition Camp, we are met by Marshal Kyrill Nederlok. He instructs us to meet him at the Command Tent at the south end of the camp when we are ready.

Coalition Camp POI.png

Troop Train – Train a group of green recruits from Daggerford for Vigilant Halasan (6000 xp, Commander’s Chain Mail +3).

  • Garrold – We can recommend the arts of wizardry (Mage in group).
  • Taield – Talk with the half-elf.
  • Danine – Teach her to fight dirty (Thief in group).
  • Clovista – Teach her to finish off the weak and take on people her size.
  • Morlis  – Encouraged to give in to the desire to kill (Dorn in group).
  • Hester – Viconia has words with the recruit about life and loss.

Commander's Chain Mail +3

Memories of Battles Past – Speak with members of the camp and find out what they are fighting for and return to Simonetta Twoedged (6000 xp, Medal of Valor).

  • Speak with Halasam
  • Speak with Belegarm
  • Speak with Dosia after curing the ill.

Medal of Valor

Helvdar’s Lucky Charm – Find some bear hide in Dead Man’s Pass and bring it to Belegarm to make boots to bring Helvdar’s luck back.

  • Once we bring the Fine Bearskin back to Belegarm we can either have him supply Helvdar with Ordinary Boots (and say they are lucky) or the Lucky Boots.
    • Give him the Lucky Boots (6000 xp, Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Defense).
      • Decide to keep the boots (-Reputation).
    • Give him the Ordinary Boots (6000 xp, Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Defense)

Lucky Boots

The Wounded Zealot – Ask  Dosia about Hyreth’s convictions. We will need to complete The Uncommon Cold quest before Dosia will help us.

  • Discover why he will not accept healing (6000 xp, misc. gems/items).
  • Have Dosia speak to Hyreth and heal him (6000 xp).
  • Offer to injure ourself so we can heal Hyreth (6000 xp, 50 gold, Saphire Gem, Diamond, Wand of Magic Missles, potions).
  • Heal him against his wishes (6000 xp, -1 Reputation).

The Uncommon Cold – Assess three sick people (Xerra, Zidrand, and Yestimell) and return to speak with Dosia.

  • While assessing Yestimell, Jaheira mentions setting his symptoms in rats from the Forest of Wyrms.
    • Find a rat and have Jaheira speak with it and it will turn into a wererat accusing us of taking over its territory (It’s right, but who cares!? Haha!).
      • Kill it (420 xp).
        • Speak with any other rat in the camp (Minsc and Jaheira are able).
  • Several options (including talking with the rats) indicate we might be able to heal the ill if we can find bark of a blackthorn tree, found in the Bloodbark Grove.
  • Suggest the ill be executed and burned (-2 Reputation).

Once we return from Bloodbark Grove, speak with Dosia.

  • Provide the Blackthorn Bark Cure (6000 xp, +1 or 2 ReputationMartyr’s Morningstar +2).
  • Request a reward (6000 xp, -1 Reputation, Potion of Extra Healing x3).
  • Hold out for best reward (-1 or 2 Reputation).

Martyr's Morningstar +2

Zaviak’s Vision Quest – Nazramu, a djinni we can pull into the Prime Material Plane with our Spectacles of Spectacle. He is a merchant with some exotic wares.

  • Recite an awful poem for him (Jester’s Bracers)

Jester's Bracers

Wizzard Hat

Bracers of the Shuttered Lid

Dervish Crescent +2


Ring of Free Action

Ring of Purity

Amulet of Protection +2

Necklace of Form Stability

Dusty Rose Ioun Stone

Bracers of Defense AC 5

On the Fence – A fence/merchant named Waizahb will pay us good money for five items from the crusader camp.

  • Dreon’s Signet Ring
  • Battle Standard
  • Tristian’s Holy Symbol
    • Speak with Mizhena and obtain her board game. We need this to obtain Tristian’s Holy Symbol.
  • Token of Faith
  • Annotated Map

After exploring the Dragonspear Castle Exterior return with the five items.

  • Give him one item (2000 xp, 250 gold).
  • Give him a second item (2000 xp, 500 gold).
  • Give him a third item (2000 xp, Pearly White Ioun Stone).
  • Give him a fourth item (2000 xp, 1000 gold).
  • Give him the final item (2000 xp, Shadowed Spear +2)
    • Tell Waizahb we’ve brought him all the items requested (Potion of Storm Giant Strength, Potion of Magic Shielding, Potion of Power).

Pearly White Ioun Stone.png

Shadowed Spear +2.png

Waizahb also has some rare items for sale.

Backwhacker +2

The Night's Embrace +3

Raconteur's Regalia +2

Ring of Danger Sense

Headband of Focus

Belt of the Skillful Blade

Worn Whispers

Soft Feet

Screaming Bagpipes

Torsin Cedric de Lancie, Marshal Kyrill Nederlok & General Haither Stonehand – This brain trust in charge of the troops are more concerned with morale than acting and they believe a child of Bhaal is better off away from the camp. They want us to explore the underground cavern beneath Dragonspear Castle and bring back intel on Caelar’s advisor Hephernaan. We are to see the dwarf Phossey Dugdeep on our way out of the camp.

Coalition Camp  POI 2
After speaking at the command tent.

Phossey is at the northern area of the camp. Torsin is there as well. He wants us to take an explosive barrel and plant it strategically under Dragonspear Castle (Barrel of Bwoosh!Stone Dowser, Potion of Mind Focusing). The Stone Dowser should allow us to find an optimal spot for the explosives.

He also had poison obtained by a captured priest of Talona. We can refuse or agree to poison the crusade’s water and food supply to weaken them (Poison of Terror).

The Traitor – After speaking with the camp commanders Safana admits to picking pockets that contained items suspicious of a traitor in our midst. If Safana is not in our party at the moment, coming into close proximity of her by the bon fire will trigger the quest.

  • A notebook with runes, a military person’s cipher.
    • Speak with Simonetta Twoedged.
      • Swear you can be trusted, Simonetta mentions Malden Col.
      • Ask if we can change her mind, Simonetta refuses to elaborate and the investigation continues.
      • Accuse her of being the traitor, she turns hostile (975 xp).
        • Return to Marshal Nederlok (6000 xp)
  • A potion, possible a healing potion, but in a weird bottle.
    • Speak with Belegarm, if we finesse him, he will point us in the direction of Helvdar.
      • Pay him 20 gold to tell us where the bottle came from. Malden Col. (-20 gold).
      • Ask who won the bottle, he declines and we must investigate further.
      • Threaten him and he’ll mention Malden Col won the bottle.
      • Accuse Helvdar of being the traitor (-1 Reputation, 420 xp).
  • A candle with gold leaf
    • Speak to Mizhena, she mentions Malden Col.

Malden Col is located in the north west of the camp.

Return to Marshal Nederlok. 

  • Refuse his reward (+1 Reputation, 6000 xp).
  • Accept his reward (6000 xp, Fleshripper +2).
  • Say we just want Caelar dead (6000 xp).

Fleshripper +2

Sempek & Damius – The two plot to have Pritchard Gardnersonson killed. Pritchard is one of Glint’s relatives.

  • Inform Pritchard and General Stonehand (Potion of Magic Protection). We can do this once we’ve accepted or refused Damius‘ offer.
  • Get Pitchard alone and attempt to kill him (-2 Reputation)
    • Tell him to get lost and not come back
    • He will beg for mercy and offer a family dagger for his life (Pritchard’s Family Stiletto +2)
    • Kill him (-1 Reputation, 650 xp, Pritchard’s Family Stiletto +2)

If we’ve dealt with Pritchard, return to Damius (Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Fortitude).

Pritchard's Family Stiletto +2

Glint Gardnersonson – After meeting with Glint’s cousin Pritchard, he asks us if we will beat him to within an inch of his life. It seems I must deliver a beating to Pritchard Gardnersonson. Glint wishes to scare off Pritchard so he doesn’t get himself killed.

We can tell Pritchard that Belegarm has a gnomish item he might find interesting in lure him away from the crowds.

  • Blow off Glint and tell him you don’t want to discuss it.
  • Beat up Prichard (-2 Reputation).
    • He will beg for mercy and Glint will explain the intervention. Pritchard will give Glint Pritchard’s Family Stiletto +2. Hilarity ensues because Glint, as a cleric, cannot wield edged weapons.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.03.51 PM.png

Den of Thieves – General Stonehand wants us to ferret out a thieves guild in the camp. Speak with Waizahb.

  • Meet Rhynwis at the north east part of the camp (if we want to kill her we need to attack before initiating dialog (500 xp, Short Sword +1, Studded Leather Armor +1, NO REWARD FROM General Stonehand).
    • Any attempt to attack Rhynwis and she will disappear
    • Ask to join the thieves guild, she’ll refuse then disappear
    • Tell her you’re here to put an end to the guild
      • Demand the thieves stop their operation and fight against Caelar
        • Dismiss Rhynwis & she’ll see us at Dragonspear
        • Demand a cut of the guild’s profits. She will mentions a cache of loot under some rocks directly east of the underground cavern.

Report back to General Stonehand (6000 xp, 500 gold). Stonehand also throws in a potion if we get the thieves to agree to help us in storming Dragonspear, likely due to high reputation.

  • Accept only 300 gold (+1 Reputation, 6000 xp, 300 gold).

Skie’s Gone Missing – Bence Duncan and/or Marshal Nederlok inform us Skie has slipped out of the camp and headed towards Dragonspear Castle, we’ll need to retrieve her as she hold information of my presence in the region.

If we go to Dragonspear Castle prior to completing the Underground River path, we can locate Skie and return her to the camp. Update Marshal Nederlok (800 gold).

The Call of the Wild Mage – Wilhelmina at the camps entrance is selling turnip juice, which is one of the component’s Neera needs.

  • We have to make a decision to either let the merchant into the camp or tell her she has to sell her turnip juice someone else.

Important Events – Once we return from Dragonspear Castle Basement we are met by a Waterdhavian guard who informs us the commanders are entering into a parlay with Caelar Argent.


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