Boareskyr Bridge

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The Missing Patrol – Speak with the guards at the entrance to the crusader camp.

  • If you freed Keherrem in the Temple of Cyric and tell the guards you want to speak with Kharm they will let you pass (3000 quest xp).
    • Speak with Kharm regarding the rescue of his nephew (250 gold)
  • If you killed Keherrem and the other recruits, you can present his badge to the guards.

Down With the Drawbridge – Kharm is looking for a way to get inside Bridgeport and lower the drawbridge. This will require the Wardstone found in the Temple of Cyric.

Speaking with Mari inside the fort at the drawbridge, we need her key to be able to lower it. We can force her into lowering the gate or pick pocket her key.

  • Ask how the crusade justifies evil in Caelar’s name.
  • Lower the drawbridge and tell The Barghest that Kharm instructed us (-2 reputation).
  • Ask why Caelar tried to have us assassinated, crusaders turn hostile.

At any point in this process, if we reveal CHARNAME’s identity, the crusaders will turn hostile. We can go ahead with our plans to surrender the fort. We can also use this opportunity to strike at the crusaders while they are vulnerable.

Obviously, many of our good & neutral aligned companions are less than thrilled with the surrender.

Edwin’s Tale of Woe – If you have Edwin in your party, he can confront his former traveling companion Vichand (1400 xp, Wand of Paralyzation). You’ll need to make quick work of Vichand or the crusader camp will join the fray. You can also lie to Vichand and tell him that you and Edwin have come to our senses and joined the crusade.

A short while after killing Vichand, Edwin gives us a robe for our assistance (Robe of Red Flames).

Robe of Red Flames

The Bridgefort Defenders – We stumble upon Dorn Il-Khan, caged in the SW part of the crusader camp. His gear is in a box just north of his cage. Ironically, even if you speak to Hormorn with Dorn, nothing happens.

  • Free Dorn (6000 xp)
    • Editor’s Note: I did not notice any reputation hit from Dorn joining.


Important Events – I was able to find the wardstone  at the Temple of Cyric and enter Bridgefort.

Bridgefort Interior
Bridgefort Interior.

The Bridgefort Defenders – Neera can be found inside the fort.


The Call of the Wild Mage – Neera’s got a list of ingredients she wants us to find to concoct a potion to rid her head of Adoy’s voice.

  • Potion of perception
  • The planetar feather is in the cart next to Vichand
  • Giant spider leg located in the Spider Lair
  • Belladonna can be found in the Bloodbark Grove
  • Turnip juice is sold by Wilhelmina at the Coalition Camp after speaking at the command tent.

Glint Gardnersonson – Glint’s uncle Hoach Randymonk can be found inside the fort. He’s a cobbler and can repair the Boots and a Half of Speed and turn them into Paws of the Cheetah for us. The process will take one day.

  • Lowball Hoach and end up spending 2000 gold.
  • Ask how much the repair will cost and pay 1500 gold (price varies).

The Paws of the Cheetah

The Desperate Defenders – In speaking with Jegg Hillcarver we learn about the value of the fort’s supplies. If the crusade get the supplies, there will be more soldiers when we reach Dragonspear Castle. Jegg also has some rare loot and several +2 weapons.

  • If we surrender, Jegg will sabotage the supplies.

Rhyte's Last Arrow +2

Stalwart Scales +2

Steadfast +2

Dragonscale Item – Jegg can use the dragon scale we obtained in the Wyrm Cavern and forge it into either a shield or armor. You can choose to hang on to the scales too.

  • Dragonscale Shield +3
  • Dragonscale Armor

Dragonscale Shield +3

Dragonscale Armor

Jegg can also craft the Rhino Beetle Shell into either Rhino Beetle Shield +2 or Rhino Beetle Plate.

Rhino Beetle Shield +2

Rhino Beetle Plate

The Creeping Darkness – While discussing the fort’s defenses with Wynan Hess a crusader mage attacks the fort with enchanted stones. The stones hit the fort, weakening its occupants. We must enter the crusader camp and find the mage who cast this spell and obtain its scroll to undo its magic.

Speak with the red wizard Vichand at the crusader camp. We need his Arcane Scroll of Impactful Doom.

  • Tell him you are the Hero of Baldur’s Gate and he will cower
    • Let him go fairly…of course he alerts the entire camp
    • Ask for the planetar feather
    • Tell him not to be suicidal and alert the camp
    • Cast a sleep spell on him
    • Kill him (1400 xp, Wand of Paralyzation, planetar feather & the Arcane Scroll of Impactful Doom are in the cart next to where Vichand stood.
  • Speak with him with a mage and request to review the scroll, he will foolishly let you borrow it.

Use the scroll on the enchanted stones (3000 quest xp). Kill the dark wraith (2000 xp). The defenders will all turn hostile if you hold the scroll for ransom.

Tender of the Dead – Three people were killed when the enchanted stones hit the fort. Take the bodies of KendraLexa, and Herdrin to the alter room. Junia will ask us to inform Tharantis of his sister, Kendra’s death. He will ask for his sister’s necklace back. Upon speaking with Junia, she will tell us she has not seen it.

  • Accuse her of stealing it, turns hostile & summons wights (1000 xp, 500 xp per wight, Club +1).
  • Buy her story that another priest Ymori has recently disappeared, find his body west of the goblin cave (Kendra’s ChainHerdrin’s Short Sword +2, Ymori’s head).

Kendra's Chain

Hendrin's Short Sword +2

Confront Junia, reveal she is a cleric of the Lord of the Forsaken, Velsharoon (1000 xp, 500 xp per wight, Club +1). Or you could buy another one of her horrendous stories and let her off the hook…(almost had ya!)

  • Return Kendra’s necklace to Tharantis (3000 xp, +1 reputation).
  • Hold the necklace ransom for reward (3000 xp, 50 gold, protection scroll, -1 reputation).

The Fear – We could talk to Elandro and try to calm him down

  • Encourage Elandro to acknowledge the fear (6000 xp)


The Desperate Defenders – Speak with Khalid, and plan your course of action.

  • Fight the crusaders
    • Suicide mission, fight the crusade without Flaming Fist back up
    • Notified the Flaming Fist camp for back up
      • Instruct them to move out now with you present
      • Instruct them to attack when they hear the sounds of battle
  • Surrender the fort.
    • The Brashest is agreeable to the terms of surrender if we leave all weapons and supplies in the fort (we’re totally going to sabotage the supplies and get away while we can!). If we reveal we are the Hero of Baldur’s Gate, the mage Oloneiros, argues that we can not be free to leave and will attack us. The Barghest chunks her to pieces.
      • As the Argent Crusade pulls back, they attempt to blow up the Boareskyr bridge. Stop them.
    • You also have the choice to trick them into thinking we will surrender and attack them.
  • Negotiate a peaceful surrender.
    • Similar to the regular surrender

You may recruit Khalid at this point.


The Battle of Bridgefort – The games first epic level battle, should you choose to fight your way out.

  • Oloneiros – 5000 xp, Spear Staff +2, Asp’s Nest +1 (40 darts), Traveler’s Robe, Cloak of Protection +1, Bracers of Defense AC 6, Wand of Frost

Staff Spear +2

Asp's Nest +1

  • The Barghest – 3000 xp, Chill Axe +2, Large Shield +1, Full Plate Armor

Chill Axe +2

  • Hormorn –  3000 xp, Wand of the Heavens, Wand of Fire, Knave’s Robe, Sling +1, Bullets of Ice
  • Kharm – 1400 xp, Halbred +2, Helm of Charm Protection.
  • Vichand – 1400 xp, Wand of Paralyzation.

Once the battle is won (+2 reputation), the remaining crusaders attempt to blow up the bridge like they did at Coast Way Crossing, stop them.

Armoring M’Khiin – See Jegg after the battle and she will make custom armor for the goblin.

Jegg's Leathers +2

Important Events – I had a vision of Bhaal’s death while crossing the Boareskyr Bridge.

Disturbing Implications – The Hooded Man shows up after crossing the Boareskyr Bridge.

The Hooded Man Returns

The IrregularsKava meets us after we cross the bridge and thanks us for helping her and her friends out (300 gold)

Anniversary Gift – Find Spider Silk thread for Khalid

Old Well – We can put money in the well for minor heals/buffs. We can also place a weapon in the well which will summon the Well Spirit (3000 xp, Misc. +1 weapon). The item we place is able to be retrieved. (Editor’s note: I have to believe there’s more to this well than meets the eye…perhaps not).




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  1. Nice guide!
    I have one question tho. On bridgefort, in the northeast part of the fort, there is a woman and her who gibes the main char a quest about getting food for them and their horses. Any idea of this quest? It appears in the journal as “Delicious horsels”.

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  2. Ploughed Jester May 29, 2017 — 12:55 pm

    Talk to the chickens in the crusader camp by the jail cells… one will jump in your pack. Send it down the well. Funny conversations follow, and a small reward to boot. M’Khiin’s was the best one I saw.

    Liked by 1 person

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