Temple of Cyric

Finally we discover the hidden temple of Bhaal which is now filled with followers of the Mad God Cyric. Although, it appears much has changed since our brother Sarevok visited last…

Ruined Temple POI

The Missing Patrol – I can free the crusaders and gain entrance to the camp, or use the switch on the wall and kill them. Private Kaherrem states he will help us get into the crusader camp if we free him. Or, we can use the switch and kill them, then take his badge.

  • Once we’ve free Kaherrem and the other crusaders, he tells us to seek his uncle Kharm at the crusader camp for a reward.

The Eyeless Priestess – If we find a way to open Madele’s cage, we can either free or or keep her imprisoned.

  • We can free Madele and tell her to amend for her misdeeds.
  • Or free her and command she uphold my father’s teachings.

Ziatar – The sister of Morentherene, she has the ritual room key and jail key in her possession (3000 xp, Plate Mail +1, Two Handed Sword +1, Wand of the Heavens). If we’ve killed her sister we can provoker her into fighting us without calling on her guards.

One ugly mother…

Ritual Chamber – A Neothelid has been summoned and is killing the cultists. Be careful of who you send in first, they will be be dominated and start attacking your group. (20000 xp, Rogue Stone, Laeral’s Tear Necklace).

Akanna – She’s been overwhelmed by a monster that used her to bring terrible monsters, like the Neothelid, into to the temple. The reliquary is where we can find the source. (4000 xp, Wardstone)


Sarevok’s Secret – The hallway before the reliquary’s antechamber has a wall we can inspect that looks like it was built by two separate masons, likely at two different times in the temple’s history. Nearby are six  masks on the wall, two rows of three.

  • One | Two | Three
  • Four| Five | Six

The page from Sarevok’s note, mentions this temple of Bhaal and the numbers 3, 1, & 4. Touch the masks in that order to reveal the hidden room. There is a Shadow Aspect inside (6000 xp) and a chest (Fractal Blade +3).

Fractal Blade +3

Reliquary Battle

Reliquary – The temple has been taken over by the mind flayers led by Darskhelin.

  • Darskhelin (9000 xp)
  • Jhan Redmoons (2000 xp, Quarter Staff +1, Traveler’s Robe, Bracers of Defense AC 7)
  • Shallen (1400 xp, Archer’s Eyes, Studded Leather Armor +1, Longbow +1)
  • Mohad Flintborn (1400 xp, Battle Axe +1, Large Shield +1)
  • Teth Se-Nehi (1400 xp, Crimson Dawn +2)

Archer's Eyes

Crimson Dawn +2



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