Spider Lair

My party makes it plain as day they are not thrilled to enter this lair…

Spider Lair

Beetles and Spiders – If we dwell long enough in the spider lair a swarm of boring beetles led by a rhinoceros beetle dig into the main chamber (Rhino Beetle Shell).

Rhino Beetle Shell

Searching the various dead ends of the lair yield spider eggs (x5) and loot of less fortunate adventurers (Severance +2, Goblin Hide Armor +2).

Spider Egg

Severance +2

Goblin Hide Armor +2


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  1. Something worth mentioning I was looking at this guide while playing and noticed that if you move your mouse cursor over the various spider webs that you can actually loot spider webs. Not sure what they are used for yet. Although I was able to collect a few on this ‘zone’


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