Wyrm Cave

Morentherene's Cavern POI

“A large green dragon slumbers in this cavern. If you’re careful, you may be able to sneak past.”

There are a handful of things I know for sure; one, Icewind Dale is cold. Two, dragons horde treasure. *Chuckles* Sneak past…ha!

Morentherene Combat
Morentherene will summon greater wyverns.

Morentherene has poison attacks and is extremely susceptible to fire. On core rules the fight was a piece of cake once I buffed my tank with Protection From Fire spells, then unloaded fireballs, Wand of the Heavens, Arrow of Fire +2, and anything else that remotely looked like fire.

If you take the same approach, you’ll meet little resistance. Now about that dragon’s horde…(13000 xp, Dragon Scales, Morentherene’s horde: 3000 gold, Emerald x3, Diamond x2, Star Sapphire, King’s Tears).

Dragon Scales
We’ll be on the lookout for a crafter who can use these materials.
Sable Cloak
Found among a pile of dead adventurers.

If you chose to sneak past Morentherene, move onward to the Bugbear Caverns.




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  1. The Morentherene fight is also really easy if you have throwing daggers on you; for some reason a hit with a throwing dagger kills it in one shot, without even waking up.


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