Troll Claw Woods

Troll Claw Woods POI

Isabella and Ikros – If you decided to aid the vampire Tsolak his messenger meets you at the Flaming Fist encampment to provide you with your reward (Trollblood Ioun Stone).

Trollblood Ioun Stone

The Irregulars – Lieutenant Otilda wants us to get rid of some half-orc mercenaries because she doesn’t trust them. Rend, Kava, and Farrl are to the east of the encampment.

  • Kill the half-orcs (6000 xp, 105 gold, insignificant +1 gear)
  • Fight the half-orcs to win their trust
    • Lose and report to Otilda (6000 xp)
    • Win and convince Otilda they aren’t a threat (6000 xp)
    • Win and run them off because they can’t be trusted (6000 xp, 105 gold)
Troll Cave
Troll Cave

Troll Cave – Trolls, why did it have to be trolls??? Among all the troll corpses we find a small tinderbox. To the far right of the cave there is a false wall. Behind, a spectral troll lurks. With infravision we are able to see an unlit torch. Once lit it reveals a half eaten corpse and a treasure chest (Locket of Embracing).

Locket of Embracing

Jaheira & Voghiln – The two can be found at the northern exit of the map.



Voghiln's Helmet

In the south east part of the map there are a group of orcs. Once we kill them we notice a human corpse on the ground. The dead’s gear is still there; a Medium Shield +1 and the Glimmer of Hope +2.

Glimmer of Hope +2



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