Coast Way Forest

Coast Way Forest

Isabella and Ikros – The two are hunting a vampire in the area.

  • Meet the vampire hunters after dark.
    • Kill Tsolak with stakes from Isabella (Boot and a Half of Speed, The Suncatcher +2, 250 gold, 9000 xp)
    • Kill Isabella (The Suncatcher +2, 1400 xp, ) & Ikros (2000 xp)
      • Keep an eye out for Tsolak’s messenger for a reward. He shows up at the beginning of Chapter Nine (Trollblood Ioun Stone)
Boot and a Half of Speed
Found in Tsolak’s coffin in the NW Cave.
The Suncatcher +2
One of the “Halflings Treasures.”
Trollblood Ioun Stone
Tsolak’s Messenger finds us in Chapter Nine.

Unexpected Allies – Rasaad is willing to join now.

Equipped with his Glimmering Bands & Moonlight Walkers from BG1.

Glimmering Bands

Moonling Walkers

Gemblade +1
Found on a dead traveler in the SW of the map.

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