Coast Way Crossing

Coast Way Crossing
Coast Way Crossing
Flaming Fist Encampment
Flaming Fist Encampment

Recruitable NPCs – Viconia, Glint, and Corwin. Edwin can be found walking south past the burned inn, eventually stopping at the encampment. Baeloth and M’Khiin are north of the encampment, both cause a -2 reputation hit. Freeing M’Khiin and sending her away grants 3000 xp.


Belt of the Cunning Rogue
Equipped on Glint.


Corwin's Bow +1

Corwin's Armor +2



Barrityl's Burden
Baeloth’s Ring
Robe of the Evil Archmagi
Baeloth’s robe. Not new, just awesome.


Grubdoubler's Axe +1
M’Khiin’s Axe

M'Khiin's Buckler +2

Goblin's Leathers +1
M’Khiin’s Armor

Ancient Menhirs – Activate the six stones in the area

  • Free Crommus (6000 xp)
    • Crommus mentions his grave in the eastern part of the forest (actually inside the first level of the Dwarven Dig site). We are free to take anything remaining.
  • Tell Prin, the bard, the tale of Crommus & the stones (Reed of Echoes)
Reed of Echoes
Unfortunately for Blades, it’s an off-hand item.
Dwarven Dig Site
Dwarven Dig Site

Dwarves of Dumathoin – Find out what happened to the dwarves at the dig site.

Halflings TreasuresTakos, the former owner of a burned down inn, will reward us if we’re able to find his mirror, cloak, & shield.

  • The mirror is in the burned inn rubble (Gentrus’s Hand Mirror)
  • The cloak is in a box fused shut behind the inn, force the lock open with a weapon (Cloak of the Beluir Watch)
  • The shield is with Isabella in the Coast Way Forest (Suncatcher +2)

Gentrus's Hand Mirror

Cloak of the Beluir Watch

The Suncatcher +2

Return to Takos with the items (or not, you can just keep them 😉

  • Give the items back (3000 xp, Biter +2)
    • Request more of a reward and he’ll let you pick one of his items to keep.
      • Give him some poetry to win his wife back (Misc. potions)
  • You can provoke Takos, refusing to give his belongings back, he turns hostile (50 xp, significant hit to reputation)

Biter +2

The Vanished – Speak with Herod regarding the recent trouble of the refugees and he will tell you some have gone missing coinciding with the arrival of a mage Teleria. When we question Teleria, she say she will only speak in private in the clearing to the NW.

  • Meet and kill Teleria (800 xp, Stone Ally, Stone to Flesh Scroll x6), Lesser Stone Golem (2000 xp).
  • Marvel at the Lesser Stone Golem, buy it for 1000 gold to fight on our side against the crusade (300 xp, -1000 gold)
  • Comment on the Lesser Stone Golem, then tell Teleria you are more interested in the statues. At this point you can either fight her or let her go.
  • Speak to Teleria with a mage and reveal her statues are too detailed and someone will try and revert them, ruining her work.
    • Ask if there’s a way to turn them back (Stone to Flesh Scroll x6).
    • Tell her not to let us see her ever again.
    • Kill her (800 xp, Stone Ally, Stone to Flesh Scroll x6), Lesser Stone Golem (2000 xp).
  • Speak with Teleria with a single-race character (she will not deal with my half-elf & turn hostile), solve the mystery of the missing refugees, she will threaten to turn hostile, propose to help her finish her tableau by finding an armored soldier (Brielle, just outside the encampment and a handsome noble (Vessanal, by the burned inn) to lure back to the grove (Stone Ally)

Stone Ally

Free Soulla, Manny, Untbril, Qelbelther, and Neroha from their stone imprisonment. Some of them will give minor rewards. Then speak with Herod after freeing the vanished refugees.

  • Take the money (1000 gold)
  • Decline the money (+1 reputation)

Herod’s Traveling Shop – A vendor with a few notable items.

Mosela's Cudgel +2

Savage Shortbow +2

Ring of Lock Picks

Zaviak’s Vision Quest – I called for a gauth by the stone statues in the woods near Coast Way Crossing

  • It wouldn’t listen to reason. I killed it… (6000 xp)

Important Events –  At the Coast Way Crossing, Caelar’s followers blow up the bridge we intended to use and now we’ll need to find another route. We must travel to Boareskyr Bridge. Notable loot from the battle.

Festering Spear +1

Long Sword +2

My Missed Fortune – Back at the camp, we run into Ophyllis, who has a gold bust he’s given me in attempt to make up for the gold he lost.




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