Dwarven Dig Site


Dwarves of DumathoinDaran Highhammer, informs us that his fellow dwarves are stuck in the dig site fighting for their lives against the undead and are in need of help.

Dwarven Dig Site, First Level
Dwarven Dig Site, First Level

Enter the dig site (3000 xp)

Dwarves of DumathoinBrother Auchlin Deepvein asks us to seek out Gurn Coldhearth’s remains, who allegedly sacrificed himself so the other Dwarven clerics could escape the undead throngs.

Save Semahl the giant at the abandoned campsite (3000 xp)

Ancient Menhirs – The grave Crommus mentioned is in the eastern part of the first level. You must have activated the six menhirs or it will now show up. (Star-Strewn Boots, Crommus’s Capelet, Bard Hat, Tangled Strings)

Star-Strewn Boots

Crommus's Caplet

Bard Hat

Tangled Strings

Repository of Undeath
Repository of Undeath

Find the three missing scepters and place them in the holders of the scrying pool. The raised pool allows us to choose from three visions (3000 xp).

  • Choose a vision (500 quest xp)
Imoen Vision
A Remote View of Imoen
Caelar Vision
A Remote View of Caelar Argent
Hooded Man Vision
A Remote View of the Hooded Man

The “Essence of Clarity” allows us to view an additional vision.

Essence of Clarity
Located in the Laboratory.

Dwarves of Dumathoin – A clerics robe and key can be found in the Laboratory, once belonging to Coldhearth. The key unlocks the chest at the Dwarves abandoned camp at the beginning of the dungeon. Inside the chest are Coldhearth’s journals and letters which reveal the insidious plot that brought the dwarves to this dig site. Speak with Deepvein (The Secret Revealed).

The Secret Revealed

Tome of Ancient Knowledge
A tome from the Library provides a vital clue.

Four Pillars Riddle – Activate in the following order.

  • Winter (Snowflake)
  • Autumn (Cracked and fragmenting leaf)
  • Summer (Shining sun)
  • Spring (Leaf)
Gurn Coldheart Transformation
Lich Gurn Coldhearth transformed into undeath.

Destroy the Phylactery – Take the key from Coldhearth’s body and open the false wall. His phylactery is the second one in from the left. Take it to the Fire plane portal on the other side of the dungeon to destroy Coldhearth for good.

  • Reward: Emerald, King’s Tears, 3000 quest xp, 3000 xp & 22000 xp

Dwarves of Dumathion – Return to the Dwarven clerics once Lich Gurn Coldhearth has been dispatched. (Helm of Dumathoin). At this point we can ask the clerics to aid us in our quest against the Argent Crusade.

Helmet of Dumathoin

Gurn Coldhearth’s Offer – We can choose to help the lich and retrieve the five “Keeper of Secrets” amulets the clerics wear, all located in various parts of the first level. For this, Coldhearth promises a item of great value.

  • Demand the item (Dread Hammer +2)
  • Be slightly more polite and Coldhearth will agree to aid us in the fight against the Argent Crusade (editors note: the dialog states we receive the weapon, but it never shows up in our inventory after the conversation. Likely a game bug, but that’s the option we have).

Dread Hammer +2

Sword of Troll Decapitation +1
Drops from a Bronze Sentry outside the Laboratory.
War Hammer +2
Brother Auchlin Deepvein’s Hammer.
The Uncursed Staff +1
Loot from the coffin room.



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