Elfsong Tavern District

Elfsong Tavern District POI

All the Way to the Bank – Currier Teera’s money to Senna. A thief, Zelma, will attempt to rob us.

  • Kill Zelma (89 gold on corpse)
  • If Zelma picks your pocket…(-50 gold)
    • Inform Teera (100 xp)
    • Cover the stolen deposit, return to Teera (-50 gold, 250 xp)

Rabble-Rousers – Help Officer Vida by requesting back up from Officer Jenks at Flaming Fist headquarters. Return to Officer Vida

  • Leniency recommended (500 xp, Potion of Clarity)
  • Strict sentence recommended (500 xp, Potion of Clarity)
  • No recommendation (500 xp)

Visit Sorcerous Sundries & Elfsong Tavern.


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