Iron Throne

Iron Throne POI

Shakedown in Shantytown – Help Byzon with Officer Riggs

  • Confront Riggs, all options make him give back the money (150 gold)
    • Give Byzon the gold (300 xp, -150 gold)
    • Keep the money (150 gold retained)
Iron Throne First Floor
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Recruitment DriveRasaad will not join us now. (500 xp)

A Thief Among Refugees – Berta confronts Lon, suspecting he stole her amulet

  • Convince everyone there’s no proof of Lon stealing the amulet (No reward)
  • Confront Lon and ask to see his belongings, kill him when he turns to a werewolf, speak with Berta after. (Lon’s Amulet)

Lon's Amulet

Iron Throne Basement

The False Fist – Rendezvous with the doppleganger from Ducal Palace.

  • Meet up with the doppleganger (250 gold, misc. potions, misc. wand)
  • Speak with & murder doppleganger after the deal (700 xp)



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