Flaming Fist Headquarters

Flaming Fist headquarters POI

Breaking Curfew – Young nobles out after curfew

  • Side with he Flaming Fist enforcers, nobles receive a beating
  • Provoke and kill the Flaming Fist enforcers
    • Request no reward (Misc. gem)
    • Ask for money (100 gold)
    • Ask for ALL their money (200 gold)
  • Get rid of the Flaming Fist enforcers (edit: appears to require CHA 18)
    • Request no reward (Misc. gem)
    • Take the nobles money (200 gold)

Back on the Streets – A drunk Fallen Paladin, Dauston, is able to tell me little information regarding Caelar Argent’s involvement in his downfall.

Flaming Fist Headquarters Interior

Recruitment DriveTiax will not join us.

Refuges for the RefugeesOfficer Fritz does not seem to care about the situation…unless we are willing to accuse Garachen of more sinister motives.

  • Talk with the refugees outside of Garachen’s house.
    • Garachen is imprisoned for alleged slave trading of refugees

Rabble-Rousers – Inform Officer Jenks that Officer Vida requires back up outside of the Elfsong Tavern. Return to Officer Vida.

  • Recommend leniency for the refugees (1000 xp)
  • Recommend a strict sentence (1000 xp)
  • No recommendation (no xp)

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