The Three Old Kegs

The Three Kegs POI

Golt, Dirla, Lluis, & Asery – Petty thieves looking for a new mark. (Minor xp, gold, and items)

The Dry Crier – Convince Katheera, the bartender, to give Robel a Drink

  • Convince Katheera that Robel deserves a drink ASAP (300 xp, 30 gold)
  • Have Katheera send a drink out eventually… (300 xp)


The Three Old Kegs First Floor
The Three Old Kegs First Floor

Bar Fight – Rival pirate crews threaten to tear the place apart

  • Fight along side Autinn (Reward, Eadro’s Blade +1)
  • Fight along side Lucilla (Reward, Cudgel of Montgomer +1)
    • Free drink from Nantrin Bellowglyn
  • Diffuse the bar fight (500xp)
  • Threaten the pirates, then speak with Nantrin Bellowglyn (No xp)
    • Refuse payment (+1 reputation)
    • Accept gold (200 gold)

You can also just murder Autinn or Lucilla for their respective awards 😉

Eadro's Blade +1

Cudgel of Montgomer +1

The Three Old Kegs Second Floor
The Tree Old Kegs Second Floor

My Missed Fortune – Confront Ozil, Hastus, and Berahli

  • Forgive the refugees (Axe +1)
  • Convince them to turn themselves in to the Flaming Fist (750 xp)
  • Murder the bastards (Axe +1)
The Three Old Kegs Third Floor
The Three Old Kegs Third Floor

Meeting of the Minds – Nobles Maxwell, Therton, & Araya plot to overthrow the Dukes

  • Join their plot and turn them in to Corwin (750 xp, Emerald)
  • Blackmail the nobles (600 xp, 600 gold, Ostentatious Boots, Cloak +1, Dagger +1)
  • Murder the bastards (800 gold, Ostentatious Boots, Cloak +1, Dagger +1)
    • Reveal the truth to Corwin (500 xp, -1 reputation)

Ostentatious Boots

What? Get Out! – Delenda does not wish me to be in her room…

  • Sweet talk Delenda into giving you her necklace (500 xp, Laeral’s Tear Necklace)
  • Intimidate her body guard, Bartleby (200 xp)
  • Provoke and kill Bartleby (Bartleby’s Wakizashi +1, -1 Reputation)

Bartleby's Wakizashi +1

Recruitment Drive – Minsc and Dynaheir are willing to join.





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  1. If i remember correctly there is a woman behind the three kegs inn with the body of her husband.
    Amazing collection of information you have here ^^.

    Liked by 1 person

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