Sorcerous Sundries

Sorcerers Sundries First Floor
Sorcerous Sundries, First Floor

Sorcerous Sundries Caper

Halbazzar Drin is too busy dealing with customers to retrieve his empty bottle case. I should go upstairs and in Sorcerous Sundries a look for the empty bottle case. We obtain a cabinet key from Drin to retrieve the potion case from the second floor.

Sorcerous Sundries 2nd floor.png
A drow, a gnoll, a hobgoblin, and a spider teleport into a shoe…heard this one before?

Once we pick up the potion case Sethyl, a drow, and his rag-tag band of burglars Kag, Wistak, & Yashna teleport into the room. They have been staking out this location as a prime target to rob due to all the increased business the Crusade has created. Deal with them and return to Drin.

  • Return empty bottle case (50 gold)
    • Choose not to tell Drin about the attempted robbery (750 xp)
    • Tell Drin that Sethyl intended to rob him (750 xp)

Kazzrem has some significant items for monks and bards once you have the money.

Chapter Seven Intro



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