Sorcerous Sundries

Sorcerers Sundries First Floor

Halbazzer Drin (Vendor: Potions, scrolls, & wands)

The Sorcerous Sundries Caper – Offer to help Halbazzar Drin retrieve a potions case from the second floor. Fight off Sethyl and his would-be robbers Kag, Wistak, & Yashna. Return to Drin.

  • Return scroll case  (50 gold)
    • Choose not to tell Drin about the attempted robbery (750 xp)
    • Tell Drin that Sethyl intended to rob him (750 xp, Amulet of Protection +1)

Kazzrem (Vendor, armor & items)

  • Kazzrem has some significant items for monks and bards once you have the money.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.10.43 AM

Sidestep Slippers

Peacock Cap

Flute of the Immaculate Breeze

Bracers of Defense AC 5



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