Elfsong Tavern

Elfsong Tavern First Floor
Elfsong Tavern First Floor

Refuged for the Refugees

Talk to “Lady” Alyth Elendara to obtain supplies for Garachen and the refugees.

  • We can offer to pay 1000 gold for the supplies
  • [Cha] Convince Alyth Elendra to donate them, she will give us a key to the supply chest on the second floor
  • Steal them from the second floor

Return to Garachen outside Ducal Palace with the supplies.

Zaviak’s Vision Quest

Zaviak has a pair of groovy spectacles that allow us to see extraplanar beings and pull them into our plane.

Hey, man! I got a beverage here!

Equip spectacles and we can call forth (F8, Use Item) the fire elemental, Al-Alai,  on the first floor of the Elfsong! Whoa!

  • Al-Alai (6000 xp)

Here’s what else we can look forward to if we plan on only using three charges

Editor’s Note: *Nazramu is a must-pull for one our charges. The rest of the charges are situational based on party composition and/or need. Or, we can use the Console to add charges. 

Days of Wine and Stealing

Irina is out of ruby wine and she desperately wants to restock her supply. It only involves stealing from the Ducal Palace basement…

  • We can steal the wine.
  • Steal it and place 50 gold where the barred was stored (-50 gold).
  • If we are, “a wizard of some skill” we can enchant a substitute.

Reward: (500 xp, Battle Tankard)

Elfsong Tavern Second Floor
Elfsong Tavern Second Floor

Recruitment Drive

Garrick & Coran will not join us. Safana takes no convincing to join our party.

Equipped with Whispers of Silence, Worn Whispers, and The One Gift Lost.

Chapter Seven Intro



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