Elfsong Tavern

Elfsong Tavern First Floor
Elfsong Tavern First Floor

“Lady” Alyth Elendara [Refuged for the Refugees]

Talk to “Lady” Alyth Elendara to obtain supplies for Garachen and the refugees.

  • We can offer to pay 1000 gold for the supplies
  • [Cha] Convince Alyth Elendra to donate them, she will give us a key to the supply chest on the second floor
  • Steal them from the second floor

Return to Garachen outside Ducal Palace with the supplies.

Zaviak [Zaviak’s Vision Quest]


Zaviak has a pair of groovy spectacles that allow us to see extraplanar beings and pull them into our plane.

Hey, man! I got a beverage here!

Equip spectacles and we can call forth (F8, Use Item) the fire elemental, Al-Alai,  on the first floor of the Elfsong! Whoa!

  • Al-Alai (6000 xp)

Here’s what else we can look forward to if we plan on only using three charges

Editor’s Note: *Nazramu is a must-pull for one our charges. The rest of the charges are situational based on party composition and/or need. Or, we can use the Console to add charges. 

Irina [Days of Wine and Stealing]


Irina is out of ruby wine and she desperately wants to restock her supply. It only involves stealing from the Ducal Palace basement…

  • We can go steal the wine
  • [Mage/Sorc.] If we are, “a wizard of some skill” we can enchant a substitute
  • [Dwarf] Teach Irina how to make a Tongueblister instead of stealing the wine

She will reward us for our help (500 xp, Battle Tankard)

Elfsong Tavern Second Floor
Elfsong Tavern Second Floor

Safana [Recruitment Drive]

Safana Coran

Coran Safana

Safana Corwin 2

Garrick & Coran will not join us. Safana takes no convincing to join our party.

Equipped with Whispers of Silence, Worn Whispers, and The One Gift Lost.

Editor’s Note: If we did not have Safana in our party during BG, she will have a Potion of Perception in her inventory. This is potion doubles as a quest item for Neera’s quest later in the game. 

Chapter Seven Intro



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