Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace Third Floor POI
Ducal Palace, Third Floor

My Missed Fortune – Speak with Ophyllis, the treasurer in the palace basement.

Ducal Palace Second Floor
Ducal Palace, Second Floor
Ducal Palace, First Floor
Ducal Palace, First Floor

Important Events – Soon I must join an expedition to Dragonspear Castle and face Caelar’s crusade.

Skie’s Grand PlanSkie reveals Caelar Argent might be another one of Bhaal’s children. I must wait until she approaches me in private.

The War at Home – Speak with Jospil to learn about the Agent Crusade

  • Find a way to lift Jospil’s spirits (250 xp, Brevin’s Quarterstaff +1)

Brevin's Quarterstaff +1 10.14.21 PM

Ducal Palace Basement
Ducal Palace, Basement

My Missed FortuneOphyllis reveals he has lost the small fortune I’ve amassed, on dog races nonetheless! I must meet him outside the palace gate.

Sarevok’s Servant – Korlasz escapes her cell. We’ll get to kill her after all. (2500 xp)

The Fist Restrained – A doppleganger disguised as a Flaming Fist officer wants us to release him.

  • Free the officer and send him on his way.
  • Request gold for the officer’s release, he leaves without paying.
  • Open door & ask, “Who are you?” & “Why didn’t the other guards tell me this?”
    • Elect to free the officer.
    • Reveal you’re the hero of balder’s gate. Doppleganger will attack.
      • He will eventually ask for mercy and offer a secret cache of weapons if we rendezvous with him in the basement of the Iron Throne (The False Fist).
      • We can decline his offer and imprison him again.

Days of Wine and StealingIrina from the Elfsong Tavern wants a barrel of Ruby wine.

Schael Corwin – Captain Corwin has been assigned to help me with tasks around town.

Recruitment Drive – I may find potential allies by visiting the local establishments

  • Garrick, Safana, & Coran are at the Elfsong Tavern
  • Minsc & Dynaheir are staying at The Three Old Kegs
  • Rasaad is at the Iron Throne building
  • Tiax is in a cell at the Flaming Fist Headquarters

Ducal Palace POI

Directly outside the gates are Flaming Fist enforcers beating back refugees.

  • Encourage nonviolence OR dissuade them from hurting refugees (+1 Reputation)
  • Laugh and say you’d beat people too (-1 Reputation)
  • Bid them good evening (No reputation change)

Refuge for the RefugeesGarachen is fleecing refugees of all their belongings in exchange for housing.

  • See “Lady” Alyth Elendara at the Elfsong Tavern to obtain supplies.
  • Report Garachen to Officer Fritz at Flaming Fist headquarters.

My Missed FortuneOphyllis was robbed by some refugees retrieving my gold. They are on the second floor of The Three Old Kegs.

All the Way to the Bank – Take Teera’s deposit to Senna across from Sorcerers Sundries. Zelma will attempt to rob you when entering the Sundries’ district.

  • Take Teera’s gold to Senna for a fee (250 xp, 5 gold)
  • Take Teera’s gold to Senna for free (250 xp)


Hooded Man
Hooded Man

Disturbing Implications – After we’ve done all we need in the city, return to the third floor of Ducal Palace. There we are met by a Hooded Man who poses more questions than he reveals answers. We must be alert for his presence on our journey.

Important EventsImoen doesn’t want us going after the Shining Lady. Unfortunately, there’s little else we can do. A crafty plot-forwarding device!

Skie’s Grand Plan – Skie has joined the Flaming Fist under a false name to travel north when we leave the city. Ask to speak with Duke Entar Silvershield in private on the first floor of Ducal palace. He knows of Skie’s plans and expects us to protect her and bring her back in one piece. (The Guard’s Ring +2)

The Guard's Ring +2

Farewell POI

Rayphus Goodtree – The paladin will keep an eye after our companions not currently in the party. Should I want to change my party members, I will seek him out.

Quartermaster Belegarm – I can buy and sell with him prior to leaving on the expedition. He has a few notable items that are worth a look.

Bag of Holding

Buckler of the Fist +2

Recruitment DriveViconia is willing to join us, much to the displeasure of her former traveling companion, Pfaug. (-2 Reputation)


Silver Circlet
Equipped on Viconia. 

When you are ready, speak with Captain Corwin and leave for the journey north.

  • 7500 Quest xp

Leaving Baldur's Gate

The March North

A noble will stop us and accuse of of being Bhaalspawn.

  • Confirm his suspicion and rally the cause (+1 reputation)
  • Don’t say anything
  • Confirm his suspicion and tell them to fear our wrath (-1 reputation)
Chapter Eight Splash Screen
Chapter Eight Begins…



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