Korlasz Family Crypt

Korlasz Family Crypt, Upper Level
Korlasz Family Crypt, Upper Level


Mercinaries Korlasz family crypt
Red light glows at the bottom of this deep chasm. A dull and distant roar can be heard from somewhere below. 

Fade in as we see two mercenaries discussing Sarevok’s demise, their plans now in shambles. We also identify the name of our new quarry, Korlasz. The two are interrupted by noise, our party makes their entry in the crypt’s antechamber.

Our journey continues as we descend into the Korlasz Family Crypt with Imoen and a host of Flaming Fist. The mage, Korlasz, aided Seravok in his endeavors and allowed him to use her family crypt as a safehouse. She has retreated here before attempting to flee Baldur’s Gate. The Grand Dukes want her dead or alive.

Imoen will not be able to join us because she has asked Lady Jannath to teach her how to use magic. She mentions she was only allowed to leave her studies because she promised to bring any ancient scrolls or tomes back with her.


Across a chasm, we run into Porios who is one of Korlasz’s subordinates. From the sounds of it, someone has paid a hefty price to have Sarevok’s sword shipped to Amn. Porios retreats and we must follow.

Khalid Porios.png

Ammon [Tome of Great Value]

Cards lay scattered across the top of this sarcophagus, apparently abandoned mid-game. 

Ammon believes her potion will reveal secret text in a Netherese tome that resides inside Candlekeep. She does not have a tome of great value to gain entrance but hopes to petition the monks with this revelation of hers. She requires cobalt moss to complete her potion. The component is accessible by climbing up the rope from the lower level of the crypt.

If we tell her we were raised in Candlekeep she will ask for our signature in hopes it will help gain her entry.

  • Agree to find the ingredient
    • Locate the cobalt moss
    • [Mage/Sorc.] Concoct a cobalt moss substitute
      • Help create the potion, refuse to discuss Candlekeep (50 gold)
      • Help create the potion & sign the letter (3000 xp, 50 gold)
      • Help create the potion & refuse to sign the letter (50 gold)
  • Kill Ammon (350 xp, 13 gold)

Editor’s Note: From the very start of the game we are given decisions to make and different dialogue options depending on our class and/or ability scores. I will point out if a decision we need to make has a future impact in the game. I have not played the game with every class/statistic combination. If you’ve been presented with an option not shown, please let me know. -Enilwyn

Orders from Korlasz.png
Orders found in the study with Ammon.


Porios Battle.png
Party members randomly interject during dialogue and it’s amazing.

We find Porios holed up in the supply room ready to make his last stand. If we asked him to tells us more about the sword he referred to earlier he will give us more background if we convince him to surrender.

  • [Cha] Tell Porios and his mercenaries to lay down their arms and they will surrender to the Flaming Fist (2375 xp, Tomb Key, Cloak of Minor Arcana)
    • Failed check: Porios and company turn hostile
  • [Str] Threaten Porios and he will surrender (2375 xp, Tomb Key, Cloak of Minor Arcana)
    • Failed check: Porios and company turn hostile
  • Fight Porios (2375 xp, Tomb Key, Cloak of Minor Arcana)
Tomb Key.png
Opens the door to Fanegonorom’s tomb and the lower crypt.

Fanegonorom’s Resting Place [The Mummy’s Orders]

Looks like we’re not the only ones who wish to see Korlasz defeated.

Fanegonorom, the mummy, rises out of his sarcophagus when we disturb it. He is a relative of Korlasz and he’s livid that his sleep has been disturbed by the mercenaries using the crypt. If we are agreeable, he wants us to deal with Korlasz and silence the intruders so he can sleep in peace once more.

Fanegonorom mentions that arcana runs through the Korlasz bloodline and as worshippers of the Dead Three they studied necromancy and the undead. He does not care for the fate of his relatives, however. He wants only silence. We can either kill the mummy or Korlasz. Looting his sarcophagus will turn the mummy hostile.

  • Kill Fanegonorom (5000 xp)
  • Rid the crypt of the Korlasz & her mercenaries and return to notify Fanegonorom.  (3000 xp, Shield of Egon’s +2)

Korlasz Family Crypt, Lower Level
Korlasz Family Crypt, Lower Level

Exploring deeper into the crypt we meet up with Imoen on the lower level. She warns us to be on the lookout for traps and the presence of more undead. The Flaming Fist healer is a Priest of Lathander and can help us with advice on dealing with restless spirits.


Crusader Pamphlet.png
In the library, Crusader propaganda has found its way into the hands of potential recruits.

Restless Spirit [The Shattered Staff]

Boring Beetles.png
The twisting skeleton of an enormous wyrm coils against the far wall of this cavern.

In a part of the crypt with flowing lava and a giant twisted wyrm skeleton is a corpse among a group of boring beetles. We find a Wooden Staff among the deceased’s belongings.

The Ornate Headpiece, the second piece, is found in the room we battle Korlasz in a locked chest.

  • Return the staff pieces to the restless spirit’s sarcophagus (3000 xp)
  • Kill the restless spirit (3000 xp)

Unlit Torch [Sarevok’s Secret]

Torch Puzzle.png
The puzzles and riddles in SoD are very basic.

Step One: Deep in the crypt, we see a series of torches burning yellow, orange, and purple. Imoen will ask us if we feel a breeze suggesting there’s a hidden passage nearby. There is a Burned-Out Torch that can be re-lit on a brazier in the previous room.

Purple Brazier.png
Imoen: The braziers here must be magical. The different colors really liven up this drab ol’ place. 

Re-light the torch on the purple brazier and place it back in its holder revealing a secret room containing the Sword of Ruin +2 & Helm of Unwavering Purpose (1500 xp).

  • A Page from Sarevok’s Notes can be found in this secret room. It appears Sarevok had frequent dreams of destruction that he believed indicated he was destined to take over as the new Lord of Murder. He also eludes to visiting a Temple of Bhaal now occupied by followers of Cyric. According to Sarevok’s notes, the temple contains a secret room built by the Lord of Shadows, Mask.  Marks numbered “3, 1, and 4” have been written down.

Strange Machine

Strange Machine.png
A series of interlocking gears and chains connects this machine to a lever built into the floor before it. You have seen similar devices used to open and close doors-usually large ones. 

We are unable to get past the massive doors that seal Korlasz’s chambers. There is a strange machine just west guarded by two mercenaries we overhear talking about joining the Crusade after their current contract expires. Apparently, Caelar pays twice as much as Korlasz.

  • Attempt to cut a deal (800 xp)
    • [Str] Admire their dedication, they will have second thoughts about their ethics and leave
      • Failed Check: Mercenaries turn hostile
    • Recommend they flee, hostile or peaceful reaction
  • Kill them (800 xp)

 Editor’s Note: I could not get them to flee with my charismatic half-elf Jester [Cha 19]. But they left peacefully with my gnome illusionist [Cha 12]. I have no common denominator for the second option to cut a deal. 

Crusader Pamphlet 2.png
Earn gold? Slay enemies?  You had me at, “earn.”


Korlasz Battle
This glowing crystal structure stands atop an altar, filling the room with an eerie light.

Korlasz is less than pleased with us. She genuinely believed Sarevok was going to change the world and gave everything to his cause. Now that we have ruined any chance of that future coming to fruition she is out to exact some revenge or die to try.

When Korlasz is near death she will lament her failure to help Sarevok change the Sword Coast, something she deeply wanted to be a part of. She is finally willing to surrender along with the remaining mercenaries.

After the battle is won, speak with Imoen (5000 quest xp) who will congratulate us and be relieved our journey has finally come to a close.

Korlasz’s Chamber

Korlasz's Personal Chambers.png
Korlasz’s personal chambers.

After the battle, the adjacent room contains Korlasz’s Journal and a stack of Bhaal Research.

The journal chronicles Korlaz’s relationship with Sarevok and his rise and fall. It also discusses how the Argent Crusade has made it extremely difficult to escape Baldur’s Gate due to the influx of refugees.

Desperate for a solution, she excepted a significant amount of money from a hooded man in return for stealing Sarevok’s sword from the Ducal Palace and shipping it to Athkatla. Although she wanted to keep the sword, she needed the money in an attempt to bribe her way out of the city.

Although we were able to stop Korlasz from fleeing, it appears she was successful in sending the sword south to Amn.

  • We can give the Bhaal Research to Imoen for her and Lady Jannath to study (no noted reward).


A rope dangles down the side of the chasm. You could climb it to reach the upper level. 

The rope allows us to reach a previously inaccessible room on the first floor adjacent to the supply room where we encountered Porios. This room contains the ingredient Amman asked us to find.

Call of the Wild Mage

Flaming Fist Healer.png

We wouldn’t know at this point, but Neera will ask us for ingredients she needs for her quest in Chapter Nine. One of those items is a Potion of Perception.

  • The Flaming Fist Healer sells the potion
  • If we start a new game in SoD, Safana has one in her inventory

Editor’s Note: While we’re using our clairvoyance, it would be a good idea to spend every last gold piece we find here. However, save all the loot from this dungeon to sell later. 

chapter seven 7.png
Chapter Seven begins…


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